About this site (in English)

My name is Valeria and I live in Saint-Petersburg.

Having experience of learning foreign languages on my own, it’s hard not to notice that the number of resources for learning Russian on Internet is considerably less than the number of sites devoted to English, Spanish etc.

This site aims to fill this gap at least a little and to overcome this unfortunate injustice. Russian slang, idioms, common expressions – I share with you the Russian language, which you will not find in standard textbooks. The language that I hear every day, that I and people around me speak every day. There are also expressions that I personally do not use and do not advise you to use – rudeness and swearing are not the best ways to communicate. But they are also a part of my native language and therefore they are here.

New podcast episodes are published every Monday and Thursday.

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Your comments, questions and suggestions are always very much appreciated. I would be grateful for the feedback. I hope you will find the site useful. Good luck in learning the language!

6 thoughts on “About this site (in English)

  1. Greg Lapin says:

    Hi, I see some transcripts in Russian. There are no translations to English?
    Maybe if I subscribe to email delivery? Or your idea is for Russian learners to use the dictionary, and sort of guess at the correct definition based on the context? I do this and find out that I am wrong a lot. Hence, in order to improve at this language, I make an honest attempt to translate bodies of text, and then I compare with the english script. Thanks

    • Очень по-русски says:


      The email delivery is the same as you can see online – no translations. I simply can’t do it myself because my level of English isn’t good enough.

      My idea is for Russian learners to use the dictionary and to ask the questions if they don’t understand anything. I’m always here to help.

      Anyway, I’d very appreciate any kind of contribution. If you can translate it, that would be very great. You actually would make me more happier 🙂

  2. Jonathan L. Salvacion says:

    Great website you have here. I chanced upon it today while looking online for opportunities to learn Russian in Russia.

    I am fascinated by the Russian language. While driving home through the slow traffic in Manila, I listen to CD’s. I also try to translate some (very old) scientific articles in my free time. I have learned quite a number of words since I got interested in Russian as a schoolboy. That was the time of the Apollo-Soyuz link-up in space!

    • Очень по-русски says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Your words do sound like you’re fascinated. I hope to keep you love for Russian and to help you. 🙂

      Good luck!

  3. Hello Valeria, I am also living in St. Petersburg now. Great great city. All your websites are great too.  They help me a lot as a Russian Beginner. Best Wishes!

    • Очень по-русски says:

      Hello Yin.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂
      Yeah, SPb is very beautiful but the weather is not actually friendly 🙂

      Good luck! 🙂

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