Best English Teaching Certification

Best English Teaching Certification

If you are thinking about becoming an English teacher, the CELTA program may be your best option. There are all different kinds of accredited teacher training qualifications out there today that many countries find acceptable for their English teachers. This CELTA program is the widely known teacher-training program in the world today.

CELTA stands for Certification of English Language Teaching to Adults. The CELTA program is the longest running teacher-training program in the world. It adheres to the standards set out by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and is considered the most recognizable and reputable English teacher training certification in the world. Because this is the longest running program in the world, more countries are aware of the results their teachers can have. Many people who plan on becoming an English teacher abroad, plan on teaching somewhere in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. Most countries in these areas will suggest that their teachers have a university degree and a Cambridge CELTA degree.

CELTA is an initial teaching qualification taken by individuals whose aspirations include teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) locally or abroad. During the program, the CELTA tutors, who grade practice lessons, observe trainees on a regular basis. Assessors from Cambridge inspect each course to ensure that quality is maintained in every CELTA program that is taught. This program aims to teach how to lesson plan effectively, how to adapt and evaluate teaching material, how to teach reading, speaking, writing, and much more. The program involves 120 study hours that can be taken either part-time (11 weeks) or full-time (4 weeks).

Taking the CELTA program can be expensive for some, costing around $2500. But this can be a small price to pay compared to what you are able to gain through the program. There are many jobs around the world for people who have a CELTA degree. So if traveling around the world seems like something you would be interested in, look into a CELTA program and see where it could take you in life.

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