International Online Russian Language School “Russificate”

International Online Russian Language School “Russificate”

Russificate is a new online Russian language school, founded in January 2013. It is an integral part of the virtual learning complex that includes the school, the Russian blog Russificate (founded in 2009), and the Facebook page Russificate (founded in 2011). Together, these three sources allow students to learn Russian in the most effective way possible.

Online Russian language school Russificate

The school is a pioneer project in the world of virtual education for several reasons:

  • It is the first Russian online school that offers a variety of non-specialized Russian courses (General Course, Conversation Course, Russian for Tourists) as well as specialized courses (Russian for the Tourism Industry, Business Russian, Exam Preparation Course and Russian for Children). The number and variety of courses offered will continue to grow according to students’ requests;
  • Russificate Students can choose one of these courses, or a combination of courses or just propose their own individual course;
  • All courses list program details and course materials;
  • All the tutors are experienced professionals who are certified to teach Russian to foreigners, and who speak a second language besides Russian;
  • Russificate is an international Russian school, offering worldwide Russian teaching services;
  • The site will be multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian will be available;
  • Each month articles on the teaching methodology, Russian resources and materials, etc. will be published.

So, welcome to Russificate and Russify yourself!

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