Russian podcast

for intermediate and advanced learners

Очень по-русски (Very Much Russian) is an audio podcast for intermediate and advanced Russian learners. Every episode is dedicated to the Russian slang, idioms and colloquial expressions that you won't find in your standard textbooks.

If you are an upper-intermediate or advanced Russian learner, this is a place for you to boost your Russian to a completely new level. The audio is recorded at a normal conversational speed and can be downloaded for offline use.

Курам на смех

Hello friends! In today’s episode of Very Much Russian podcast you will learn a few widely used Russian idioms where chickens and crayfish play the first roles. Listen to the audio, follow the transcript, and I wish you a pleasant passtime! 🙂

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С наступающими!

Hello friends! I’m using this last episode of this year to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This episode is a bit different, it covers not only some useful Russian words and expressions but also a bit of Russian culture related to the upcoming holidays, modern Russian Christmas and New Year traditions. I hope you’ll find it interesting, it’s full of references and has a bonus in the end. 🙂

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Заморить червячка

The topic of today’s episode was again suggested by one of the readers, Tally. Listen to the audio and learn what “заморить червячка” means in Russian.

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The topic of today’s episode of “Very Much Russian podcast” is suggested by one of the readers. If you like, you can suggest your own favorite or interesting Russian words and expressions. It’s as simple as to send a message via this form.

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How to tell somebody to go to hell and other places in Russian

In today’s episode of the “Very Much Russian podcast” we’ll discuss Russian words and expressions that Russians use to, as we say, “send somebody off”. In other words, today you’ll learn how to tell somebody to go to hell and other places. The episode covers the wide range of expressions starting with an innocent “leave me alone” and finishing with “four-letter” words.

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Смотрит в книгу, видит фигу

Hi everyone! This episode will teach you 3 colloquial Russian expressions: смотрит в книгу, видит фигу, ни пройти, ни проехать, and в час по чайной ложке. Don’t miss it!

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Ёлки зеленые!

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂 Did you know that Russians use Christmas tree to swear? Learn more from today’s episode…

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