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Hello everybody! Today we’ll cover three expressions well-known to every Russian. Stay with me and in the end of the episode you will be able to wish good luck in a pure Russian way, understand what does it mean when somebody commands to live long, and be able to cheer up someone who just hurt himself. Excited? Let’s start!

Hello everyone!

For those of you who always wanted to learn the “dark side” of Russian language, i.e. so-called русский мат (Russian obscenities), I have some news today.

I started a news series of audio-episodes under the name “Filthy Album” where I explain the dirtiest Russian vocabulary.

Hi everyone! I think I’m not going to be mistaken saying that many even quite advanced Russian learners looking at the title of today’s podcast can understand only the conjunction “и”. But not to worry guys, if you continue reading this episode, you’ll be able to decipher the title yourself in just a few minutes. So, should we start? :)

Hello everyone. Today we are discussing the most popular question in any language and its variations in Russian. Also, it’s the first podcast that I’m trying to translate in English myself, so if you find any mistakes, you are very welcome to corrects me. Let’s begin! :)

Hello everyone! Today we are going to be talking about people being late and covering a few colloquial phrases to describe our feelings about this. Take a second to prepare your memory for the new stuff and let’s start! :)

Hello there! Today we are going to have a look at some words and phrases used by me in the previous episode and not explained.

Hello everyone! Here we are again with a new quite positive episode. Today you’ll learn such expressions as “не стоит свеч”, “цветет и пахнет”, “в шоколаде” and “в ажуре”. Let’s start!

Hello everyone! I’m glad that with the help of Denis from Learning To Know Russian I can keep you busy while preparing a new episode. Here is another article of Denis where he is sharing with us his valuable experience and considerations about a very important aspect of learning any foreign language (not only Russian) – writing. I hope this will help you with your studies. Enjoy! :)

Hello everyone! Here comes the new episode as promised. This podcast will teach you to ‘change the points’ and build ‘otmazki’. Intrigued? Take 5 minuted to listen to the audio and see how your Russian becomes a little bit more advanced again. :)

I’m pleased to announce that a new episode of the podcast is coming soon and, to keep you guys busy a bit, today we have a guest post from a partner site – Learning to Know Russian. Enjoy! :)

How much do I tip at a restaurant? Where can I find something affordable to eat? What’s the deal with vodka? We’ve got you covered on food and drink in Russia.