Сбоку припёку

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing good and already started missing me. :)
Today we cover four more or less popular Russian expressions: дурной пример заразителен, что ты несешь, сбоку-припеку and что упало у студента, то упало на бумажку. As usual, I wish you an enjoyable pastime listening to the podcast. Let’s get it started! :) Continue reading

Ни пуха, ни пера!

Hello everybody! Today we’ll cover three expressions well-known to every Russian. Stay with me and in the end of the episode you will be able to wish good luck in a pure Russian way, understand what does it mean when somebody commands to live long, and be able to cheer up someone who just hurt himself. Excited? Let’s start! Continue reading

Filthy Album is out!

Hello everyone!

For those of you who always wanted to learn the “dark side” of Russian language, i.e. so-called русский мат (Russian obscenities), I have some news today.

I started a news series of audio-episodes under the name “Filthy Album” where I explain the dirtiest Russian vocabulary. Continue reading

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