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Притянуто за уши и высосано из пальца

Hello everyone! Today’s podcast is dedicated to two Russian expressions that can be used to describe… well, many things (for example, information broadcasted by mass-media).

Уши вянут

¡Hola! In today’s episode we’ll have a look at a few Russian expressions such as “уши вянут”, “обделаться”, “мама, роди меня обратно!” and a few more. Listen and feel the Russian language as your own! :)

Настучать и устаканить

Hello everybody. Here is a new podcast delivering you a new portion of informal Russian language and slang. Today you will learn such words as “устаканить” и “застолбить”, as well as get to know one more meaning of the word “стучать” (to knock). Let’s begin!

Вынос мозга

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the last podcast, time is flying so fast. But I’m back and today we’ll cover a few informal expressions: “вынос мозга”, “вырубиться”, “продрать глаза”, “даже не заикайся”, and also some more quite cool Russian words and phrases that you can use in your daily life with your Russian friends.

Меня не кантовать

Today you are going to learn why Russians ask do not turn them over sometimes, why they can’t neither sing nor draw, and when the circumstances can be drew. Exciting? Let’s begin then! :)


What does it mean in Russian “stopudovo”? Why don’t you need to go to a fortune-teller and who is that grandmother that told “in two”?
Learn all there Russian expressions from today’s podcast!

Во поперло…

In this podcast we are going to talk about black and white stripes of life and Russian automotive slang. There is a whole bunch of new words here which you surely can hear in the streets or among your Russian friends. :)


The word taken as the name of today’s podcast is, of course, well known to you. In this episode you will know about one very Russian way to use it. As usual, we’ll cover not only one word but some more interesting Russian phrases and slang that you can use among your friends and surprise them how cool your Russian is. :)


In this new episode we’ll learn four Russian words and expressions, which can help you to express your gratitude and admiration, as well as just make you sound cool when you speak Russian. :)


Hi everyone. It’s been a while since the last podcast was published… Due to certain reasons all new episodes will be published twice a month.
But today I’m here again with a new portion of very Russian phrases and words. I hope you’ll enjoy this podcast and learn something new as usual. Let’s begin! :)

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