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Russian podcast

"Очень по-русски" (which means "Very Much Russian") is a free audio Russian podcast for intermediate and advanced Russian learners.

Every episode is dedicated to one or a few Russian words and expressions that you are very likely to hear in the conversational Russian speech and might not be able to find in your dictionary or standard Russian textbooks.

Russian podcast

The audio of the podcast is recorded by a native Russian speaker at a normal conversational speed.

Every episode comes with a full transcription in Russian with stress marks and translation in English, available for free.

Russian vocabulary

The words and expressions discussed in each episode are listed in the end of it and added to the Very Much Russian vocabulary. You can search through the terms and find the podcast episode related to each of them.

Latest podcast episodes

How to tell somebody to go to hell and other places in Russian

In today's episode of the "Very Much Russian podcast" we'll discuss Russian words and expressions that Russians use to, as we say, "send somebody off". In other words, today you'll learn how to tell somebody to go to hell and other places. The episode covers the wide range of expressions starting with an innocent "leave me alone" and finishing with "four-letter" words.
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Russian slang and idioms vocabulary

Browse through hundreds of Russian slang words and colloquial expressions, idioms, provebrs, famous Russian movie quotes, as well as swearings, insults and Russian Mat. Every term has a link to a podcast episode where it's explained in details.

Russian Vocabulary

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