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The audio of the podcast is recorded by a native Russian speaker at a normal conversational speed. Every episode comes with a full transcription in Russian with stress marks and translation in English, available for free. Every audio file can be downloaded if you want to have it offline.

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The words and expressions discussed in each episode are listed in the end of it and added to the Modern conversational Russian dictionary.

You can search through all the words and expressions explained in the podcast and find the exact episode where the expression is explained.

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Днём с огнём

Today we continue learning interesting Russian phrases. This episode will tell you about such expressions as "днём с огнём", "после драки кулаками не машут" and "за что купил(а), за то и продаю".
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Recent jokes and anecdotes

  • 15 Apr 19

    A student is taking an exam in physics

    Студент сдает экзамен по физике. Сдает очень плохо. Профессор пытается его вытянуть, спрашивает: - Ну скажите хотя бы, при какой температуре кипит вода?
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  • 08 Apr 19

    Doctor visits the ward

    Доктор перед уходом домой в пятницу заскакивает в палату...
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  • 01 Apr 19

    You are very bad with mathematics

    Учительница на уроке: Ребята, должна сказать, что у вас очень плохо обстоят дела с математикой. Я думаю, что 90% из вас не сдаст годовую контрольную...
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  • 25 Mar 19

    I love nature

    Две приятельницы болтают за чашкой кофе. Я обожаю природу, - говорит одна.
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Modern conversational Russian dictionary

Learn Russian slang words and colloquial expressions, idioms, provebrs, famous Russian movie quotes, as well as swearings, insults and Russian Mat with the modern conversational Russian dictionary. Every term has a link to the podcast episode where it's explained in details.

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