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The audio of the podcast is recorded by a native Russian speaker at a normal conversational speed. Every episode comes with a full transcription in Russian with stress marks and translation in English, available for free. Every audio file can be downloaded if you want to have it offline.

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The words and expressions discussed in each episode are listed in the end of it and added to the Modern conversational Russian dictionary.

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Latest podcast episodes

Russian humor - What do Russians laugh about?

Today's podcast is unusually long. It's dedicated to the Russian humor. This time I'll tell you about the humor that I grew up on and had the pleasure to observe during my life. The episode includes a lot of Russian jokes and anecdotes, as well as the links to the Russian comedies and comedy shows. Hope you enjoy it!
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Жаба душит

This episode of Very Much Russian podcast is dedicated to greed and stinginess. You will learn the expression "жаба душит", a Russian proverb about stinginess, and a few other useful words.
Audio and transcript

Сто лет в обед

This episode is entirely dedicated to the popular Russian expressions describing old things and people, namely: сто лет в обед, песок сыпется, анекдот с бородой.
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Russian jokes and anecdotes

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Recent jokes and anecdotes

  • 04 Dec 18

    Very drunk young man is walking home

    Очень пьяный молодой человек пытается дойти до дома, делая один шаг вперёд, три назад, один вперёд, три назад...
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  • 26 Nov 18

    Husband wakes up after heavy drinking

    Муж просыпается после жестокой пьянки, смотрит, белье постирано-поглажено, на стульчик повешено, на столе завтрак и бутылка пива...
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  • 19 Nov 18

    Husband and wife are fighting

    Ссорятся муж с женой. Жена: - Я кручусь как идиотка в колесе! - Не идиотка, а белка!...
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  • 12 Nov 18

    Vovochka in a pharmacy

    Вовочка спрашивает в аптеке: У вас есть какое-нибудь обезболивающее средство?...
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Learn Russian slang words and colloquial expressions, idioms, provebrs, famous Russian movie quotes, as well as swearings, insults and Russian Mat with the modern conversational Russian dictionary. Every term has a link to the podcast episode where it's explained in details.

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